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            Sneakermaniany was created back in 2012 by a group of young individuals who had several ideas in common, to create a business that will provide its costumers with top quality footwear and competitive low prices for the average consumer. Focusing on the sale of athletic sneakers because of the passion most young men growing up in the suburbs of New York City share which is being able to acquire top quality and brand name sneakers such as Jordan, Nike, Adidas, etc. We are based in the New York City area which gives us an advantage point when it comes to suppliers and the merchandise we sell. Not only we sell brand names but we strive to make sure every item we sell is in the best condition possible and is 100% authentic. WE DO NOT SELL COUNTERFEIT MERCHANDISE OF ANY SORT. Proof of that is that we have been an Amazon.com seller for the past 10 years and so far we have been able to keep high seller standards. Such practices have help us grow in the business to a point where we are now able to open our own site and keep providing costumers with our services. If you have any questions you can contact us at info@sneakermaniany.com.

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